Babysits opens its platform in South Africa!

Babysits opens its platform in South Africa!

By Babysits
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Babysits opens its platform in South Africa! Babysits expands its childcare and babysitting job platform to a 39th country.

November 19th, 2020

Babysits has expanded its global childcare platform to offer services in South Africa!

Babysits South Africa is accessible via:

Now, parents looking for childcare and babysitters, nannies, and childcare providers looking for jobs can connect via Babysits’ platform to coordinate childcare.

What does Babysits offer visitors in South Africa

With Babysits’ expansion to South Africa, the South African community can now use the Babysits website and app to:

  1. Create free accounts
  2. Get in touch with other users looking for babysitters or babysitting jobs via the secure messaging system
  3. Coordinate babysitting appointments

To help them make the most informed decisions possible, Babysits offers the South African childcare and parenting community with the convenience of:

  • Profile verifications Users can verify their profiles using Government ID verification, phone/email verification, social profile verification and more.

  • Review and reference system Reviews and references can help members get to know each other and their background.

  • Mobile app The Babysits app lets members take the Babysits experience on the go!

  • And more! To read more about how Babysits supports parents and childcare providers, take a look at the how it works page.

How this impacts Babysits users in other countries

Now, Babysits members from anywhere around the world can use the same profile to find babysitting jobs or babysitters when travelling to South Africa. By simply changing the address on their profile, they can access all of the same Babysits benefits, and search within South Africa!

About Babysits

Babysits is an online childcare platform, where parents and childcare providers can easily get in touch with each other. The user-friendly platform is designed to give parents the freedom and peace of mind that they need. This ideal runs parallel to the mission of empowering communities around childcare, worldwide.

Babysits’ motivated team works every day to support safe, accessible and affordable childcare. Next to this, trustworthiness and transparency are the core values of the company.