About us

About us

Babysits is a childcare community empowering parents and babysitters globally.

We are the babysitting community

Maybe you have an amazing babysitter right around the corner, or walked by a parent in the grocery store who needs a weekend sitter.
The problem is that we don’t always talk to the people we meet along the way, and this can make it hard for parents and babysitters to find one another.

We at Babysits believe in a future that incites easier solutions for everyday life.
This belief has inspired us to make childcare safe, easy, and affordable, by creating an intuitive marketplace platform which brings parents and childcare providers together.

Whether you are, or are looking for, a toddler wrangler, peek a boo player, diaper changer, tantrum averter, homework helper, or pillow fort builder, we've got you covered!

A growing global network


Our journey

Babysits was founded in 2008 by Peter van Soldt. He was motivated by a belief that a truly good childcare platform, gives a meaningful solution which simplifies everyday struggles. The result was an online childcare community making it easy for parents and babysitters to connect. Simply search in your area, get in touch and plan appointments. It couldn't be easier!

Over ten years later the Babysits community and organization has grown exponentially. Now we are a dedicated international team of people who are committed to making childcare safe, easy, and affordable. Together we are continuously building a great platform and community for parents and babysitters.

We have connected hundreds of thousands of parents and babysitters, online and by mobile app. With an emphasis on our international community of users and our customer service, Babysits is now the easiest way to find and plan childcare services or childcare jobs.

We need your help!
We are calling on qualified childcare professionals to sign up and update their current availability on the Babysits platform. Read more
Together we want to help those that are helping and may need qualified babysitters at this time. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and everyone else who is supporting the community.
Always follow the regulations provided by the local government based on the current situation in your area.